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Collateral Protection

Helping Navigate Your Collateral Protection Requirements

Financial Institutions: Why Choose Us

Mortgage Impairment

Our keystone financial Institutions product is Mortgage Impairment, where we provide protection against a financial institution’s owned and serviced loan portfolio in the event that the property suffers physical damage, no other insurance exists, and the loan is in default.

This coverage which protects the lender's interest in uninsured or underinsured property damage can give capital relief to lenders and helps move this liability from their balance sheet.


We lead our programmes and provide cover globally.

Lenders Single Interest

We know your borrowers don't always protect your asset, but we can protect your entire asset portfolio.

Our lenders single interest product provides cover on many types of assets that lenders have used as collateral, should the primary insurance the borrower purchases not respond, thus protecting the lenders' asset pool. 


The most common asset to lend on is automobiles and as such, this forms part of our core lenders single interest offering, however, we can provide this cover on any leased or financed asset used as collateral in a lending arrangement. 

Tow Truck

Involuntary Unemployment

We provide blanket involuntary unemployment insurance for a range of service providers including banks, financial institutions and lenders.

This product helps to ensure lenders do not need to repossess property or evict borrowers in the event they default on their payments as a result of unemployment. This not only helps borrowers get back on their feet, but also helps lenders reduce default rates, as well as the costs and administration involved with repossession.

This product isn't only suitable for lenders and borrowers, but can be included with any product or service with ongoing payment obligations such as:

  • Utility Bills

  • Membership Programmes

  • Subscription Services

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