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Affinity and Programmes

High Volume Specialist Schemes

Affinity and Programmes: Why Choose Us
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Credit Card & Account Protection

Whether your product is a credit card, debit card, current account, loyalty card, corporate card or a store card, or anything inbetween, we specialise in providing solutions to enhance your product, protect your customers, and help to attract consumers to make their purchases using your services.


These products can include:

  • Purchase Protection

  • Price Protection

  • ID Theft

  • Personal Cyber

  • Extended Warranty

  • ATM Robbery

  • Secure Wallet

  • Excess Buy Back

  • Corporate Liability Waiver


The products we offer are not limited to those listed here, nor are these products limited to being distributed via credit cards. If there are any other products you would like  to offer your clients, or would like these products to enhance any other product you may have, please get in touch.

Ancilliary Auto & Vehicle Protection Products

We provide a variety of products designed to complement auto sales. These can be used to help dealers, manufacturers and finance companies differentiate their offering from their competitors and help drive additional value for their customers.

We provide a suite of traditional F&I products and also have an appetite to work with partners on new and innovative products and distribution.

Our products include:

  • Total Loss Protection (TLP)

  • GAP

  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement

  • Anti-Theft Protection (Etch, Satellite trackers etc.)

  • Tyre & Wheel

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to providing the clear benefit of the product itself, we can also structure programmes to tie back to the product sponsors, such as encouraging repairs or replacements to be made using the sponsor networks.

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Loyalty Programmes & Product Enhancement

One of our key strengths is being able to work with clients, in creating programmes and products that help them to build brand loyalty, and enhance their primary product.

This can apply across a broad range of industries, with examples including:

  • An insurance aggregator, giving away a deductible reimbursement benefit to attract and retain customers to their platform.

  • An airline introducing a car hire product for their frequent flyer members

  • An Event Organiser providing ticket cover to lock in ticket sales revenues whilst still providing a refund policy.

  • A utility company providing an unemployment benefit to protect their customers should they be unable to pay their bills due to unemployment.


If you or your client has a product idea that needs insurance backing, then get in touch.

Personal Product & Device Protection

We provide programme solutions for protecting a wide array of products from accidental damage, theft, loss as well as providing extended warranty and mechanical breakdown cover.

We can also provide further protection from various consequential losses such as misuse after loss or theft,  unauthorised access & transfer of funds.


Products we provide cover for include:

  • Mobile phones

  • Tablets

  • Laptops

  • Cameras

  • Wearables

  • White & Brown goods

  • Bikes

In our programme implementation we ensure we provide as seamless a service as possible and can provide independent claims handling and product repair centres, or plug into exiting partner infrastructure.

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But this is just the tip of the iceberg

We have built a reputation on being able to provide some of the most interesting, unconventional and innovative products and distribution mechanisms to the market.

We thrive on taking ideas on how you can enhance your brand with your client or increase customer loyalty and developing these ideas into solutions.

If you, or your client have a product idea you need to take to market, come and talk to us.

Projects the team have previously implemented include:

  • eBay's Auction Fraud cover

  • Chrysler's Satisfaction Guarantee Product

  • Lufthansa's CDW programme

Affinity and Programmes: Opening Hours
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